Innovative Pricing Model

The major challenge in rental furniture is that you don't usually know in advance exactly for how long you will require to keep the furniture rented. As a result. you are conventionally bound by a contract with a fixed term, leaving no room for changes . At Panama Furniture Rentals you can cancel the lease period with a five day notice in advance.

Your rental furniture will be charged on a monthly or quarterly basis. The all inclusive cost model will include delivery / pick-up costs, installation of new furniture and the constant exchange of furniture in case of damage.

The rental price depends exclusively on the following factors:

- Package options.
- Time period that passed between delivery month and invoice month.

The pricing is decressive. The first month you pay more than the second etc. When you decide to return the furniture, whether this is after 3 weeks or 5 years you will have paid the correct amount of rent.