General Conditions

Below you will find our General Conditions information for renting furniture and provide services to furnish an apartment, house or any venue in Panama.


The lessor agrees to hand over the rented items as listed in the contract, in a usable and clean condition and on time.

Use of the rented items

The lessee may only use the rented items for the purposes agreed to in the contract. Changes in use require permission of the lessor.

Maintenance of the rented items

The lessor is obliged to adequately maintain the items and repair any damage incurred. Defects noticed by the lessee on receipt of the rented items must be reported immediately, in writing, to the lessor. The lessee is responsible for the routine cleaning of the rented items during the rental period.

Return of the rented items

The rented items are to be returned in a good and clean condition, taking into consideration wear and tear from usage as stipulated in the contract and the condition of the items at the commencement of the contract.

Alterations to the rented items by the lessee

Renewals and alterations to the rented items require written permission from the lessor.

Right of inspection

The lessor has the right to inspect the rented items, after giving 48 hours notice, to establish what repairs and renovations are required.


The amount agreed on between the parties is regarded as the "rent".

Lessee's liability

The lessee is liable for all damages to the rented items that have been proved to have been caused by him/her. The lessee is obliged to take out a private insurance, including tenant's liability, from the date the rental commences. The lessor has the right to request a copy of this policy.


The lessor will take out property insurance at the lessee's expense to cover the rented items during transportation to and from the residence, as well as for the period of the rental.

Deposit of surety

The lessor is entitled to demand from the lessee a surety deposit in the form of money. This serves as a guarantee against all claims by the lessor under the rental contract.

Place of performance and place of jurisdiction

Unless otherwise agreed in the contract, the Panama domicile of the lessor is the place of performance and the place of jurisdiction for both parties.